The Foundation


The Tapio Wirkkala – Rut Bryk Foundation was established and registered in 2003 in accordance with the approved statutes. The magnificent art and archive collection of the TWRB Foundation was donated by artists children Sami Wirkkala and Maaria Wirkkala. Along with heirs, the foundation was founded by Paavo Hohti, Henk Staal, Juhani Pallasmaa and Antti Siltavuori.

The artist-designer couple Tapio Wirkkala and Rut Bryk worked in many disciplines. They were always open to new technical developments, continuously trying to expand design through innovation. They were also passionately committed to furthering design education.

The Foundation aims to maintain this spirit and to stimulate design development in collaboration with design departments at universities and related institutions.


In accordance with the statutes, the aims of the Foundation are:

  • to maintain and catalogue the Wirkkala/Bryk Collection, to support research on their work and to establish a permanent venue for the collection;
  • to stimulate and participate in related exhibitions and publications in collaboration with museums and other relevant institutions;
  • to organise and stimulate Finnish and international design discussion through seminars, design conferences, master classes and scholarly projects in collaboration with design departments at universities and appropriate institutions, and to grant awards and scholarships.


The Board determines the policies and activities of the Foundation and carries the financial responsibility. The Board appoints the managing director and employs persons to carry out various tasks related to the aims and activities of the Foundation. The first task of the Foundation was to produce a museum-quality inventory of its unique collection.

The Board Members of the Tapio Wirkkala – Rut Bryk – Foundation, dated April 2018:
Katarina Siltavuori, M.A, Chairman, Helsinki
Juha Ilonen, Architect SAFA, Vice Chairman, Helsinki
Ville Kokkonen, Industrial designer
Laura Sarvilinna, Creative Director, Stockholm
Petra Wirkkala, Managing director of TWRB Foundation, Espoo
Maaria Wirkkala, Artist, Espoo
Markku Valkonen, Journalist, Helsinki


The International Advisory Council appointed by The Foundation consists of members with expertise in different areas including culture, politics, finance, industry, communications and public relations. The Advisory Council will assist in networking and establishing contacts. It will also assist the Foundation with advice and commentary. Instead of regular meetings the members and the Foundation are in contact through personal communication.

The Advisory Council consists of the following members from 15.9.2011:

Dr. Krister Ahlström, Espoo
David, The Marquess of Queensberry, QHDesign, London
Paavo Hohti, President, Professor, The Council of Finnish Foundations, Helsinki
Harri Koskinen, Designer, Helsinki
Barbro Kulvik, Designer, Fiskars
Markku Lahti, former Director of the Alvar Aalto Foundation, Jyväskylä
R. Craig Miller, Senior Curator of Design Arts and Director of Design Initiatives at the Indianapolis Museum of Arts, Indianapolis
Ingeborg de Roode, Curator of Industrial Design Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Rafaela Seppälä, M.Sc. (Journalism), Managing Director, Helsinki
Sami Wirkkala, Interior Architect, Ivalo