Rut Bryk

Rut Bryk 1950s



Rut Bryk is a ceramic artist who is primarily known for her ceramic art works. The works of her first figurative phase are ceramic wall pieces depicting still lifes, architectural motifs, mythological themes, plants and birds. In the late 1960s she began to produce large architectural ceramic wall pieces composed of numerous differently shaped and coloured modules.
Many of her monumental pieces are integrated with important architectural projects such as the Helsinki City Hall, the Finnish Embassy in New Delhi and the Residence of the President of the Republic of Finland.

In addition to her purely artistic work, she designed simple geometric and vividly coloured ceramic objects, exquisitely coloured textiles and graphic surface decoration for Tapio Wirkkala’s industrial porcelain objects. Rut Bryk’s work has been exhibited worldwide and is presented in the collections of major museums internationally.